Marsh Tears it Apart in Buenos Aires, Again

Tom did it again. And as unbelievable for me to say this, he most certainly outdid himself this time.

Let’s start from the beginning: Argentina is one of the best places around the world to hold a party. Its people work wonders. Parties don’t usually start before midnight, and the tonic here is to dance, quite literally, all night long. If the sun is rising behind the de la Plata river (I’m specifically talking Buenos Aires here), you still have a while to go before leaving. That’s how incredible the parties are over here.

Back in June last year, Tom Marshall, commonly referred to as Marsh, came to Buenos Aires to play. Boy was it good. He played a world of amazing tunes, opening with fan favourite ‘Little Darling’, going through many of his best tunes, original and remixes, and closing with none other than his remix for Armin van Buuren and Susana’s all-time classic ‘Shivers’. Incredible night. We waved our goodbyes and hoped we’d get to see him again somewhere around a year later, which is approximately how frequently artists come to Argentina.

And yet, only a few months later, he announced he’d come back. And let me tell you, what a night this one was.

One of my favourite pictures of Buenos Aires: the day of the World Cup final.

Marsh’s Second Buenos Aires Show

Yeah, that’s right: this show was only his second time visiting the Land of Tango. His Argentina debut happened on that cold night in June of 2022. He played at 2GTHR, a beautiful venue located right beside the river, located in an area here in Buenos Aires known as Costa Salguero. And this time, he came back to the same place, thirsty for a second round.


Born in late 2021, 2GTHR is a Deep House and Progressive oriented place, which functions as a branch of Club Morocco. It only opens on Fridays, but has a heavy schedule and makes sure to make the most out of every night. They’ve brought several top-notch artists to play such as Korolova, Eelke Kleijn, Tinlicker, Ferreck Dawn, and, of course, Marsh.

The place has a very elegant and almost ethnic-like vibe to it, with it displaying different patterns on the walls, black-painted steel sofas and other subtle decorations. Towards the DJ area, impressive screens will blow your mind as they span all the width of the place, effectively covering the whole of the booth, and much more.

As for the back terrace (because, yes, this place has two different ambients), it’s a modest sized place with wooden floor, almost like a dock-like structure, which functions as a second stage out on the open. From there you can see the river and enjoy the cold wind after a while of dancing inside.

Check out some pictures from the venue, below:

The dancefloor. Notice the screens to the mid-left side of the picture.
Part of the decoration of the venue.
Another view of the booth and screens.

Marsh, March 31st, 2GTHR Buenos Aires

Opening and carrying the night were KINOPIO (00:00-02:00) and Paul Deep (02:00-03:30). Tom went behind the decks from 03:30 and ran a jaw-dropping set until almost 07:00. Yup, that’s right: Seven in the morning.

Marsh’s set was a ride, and a great one as well. It was far from being the linear journey one is used to hear from most DJs, in the sense that there’s only one way to move forwards, and that is increasing BPMs and turning to darker and darker tracks each time. Tom didn’t follow that rule: even though he did slowly walk up the tempo of the set, the energy and the melodic aspects of the set were played with and carried throughout.

Marsh behind the decks.

His set opened with Joris Voorn‘s remix for his own ‘Little Darling, and showcased many songs from his latest album Endless, of which I recall hearing ‘Hymn‘, ‘Forgiveness‘, ‘Reminiscent‘, ‘Touch The Sky‘, ‘All Night Long‘, ‘Fragments‘, and ‘Fall To Pieces‘, among others. Ezequiel Arias‘ unreleased remix of ‘Blue‘ also made the cut. Not-album-related, songs like ‘Heaven‘, his otherworldly remix of ‘The Whiteroom‘, Grum & Tigerblind‘s rendition of ‘Shout‘, SØNIN‘s ‘Affection‘, and his, erm, AMAZING remix of the Bongo Song aka ‘Played-A-Live‘. Another savoury treat Tom dropped on the dancefloor was an upcoming remix for Above & Beyond‘s OceanLab – Sirens Of The Sea. Won’t spoil it to you, but I think I never stopped moving and singing during that track. Before you ask, yes, he did close his set with ‘Endless‘, the final track of the album. As to whether I cried or not during that last track, while having my favourite song of the LP played as the sunrays entered through the side glass walls towards the river… that will be left unsaid.

Pictures & Media

Look, I couldn’t do much pictures, I was dancing my soul out the whole set. Official pictures posted by 2GTHR can be checked out right ‘ere.

Final Words

All in all, as we expected, Marsh did not disappoint, and neither did the venue. In fact, they were so kind they let me have a picture with Tom! Props to him as well for being such a warm guy. I hope he read the letters on my tee. By the way, my Endless album review is right here, should you want to read it.

Right to left: Tom, and I.