Petition To Stop Insomniac From Trademarking PLUR Gathers Over 10,000 Signatures

A week ago, Insomniac filed an application to trademark ‘PLUR’ one of dance music’s most popular terms. The event company has unveiled plans to use the popular acronym to launch a clothing brand. This week, a petition was launched on to stop Insomniac from trademarking the popular term. The petition has reached more than 10 thousand signatures, with its goal being 15000.

Insomniac has become one of, if not the biggest monster in the industry of dance music. What started as a small, indoor festival in Las Vegas has developed into one of the biggest event companies worldwide. Dozens of events. Hundreds of artists. Thousands of fans. The company run by Pasquale Rotella is unmatched when it comes to talking over the world, one festival at a time. This time, however, it would look as if Insomniac has finally run into an obstacle not even the #1 company in the business can expect to dodge.


Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Words you can see all around the dance music industry. The most known acronym inside the community. For decades, PLUR has become a synonym for raving, and doing so in accordance with the beliefs that shape the dance community. Originating in the early 90s thanks to New York City DJ Frankie Bones, PLUR is a trademark of the community. It belongs to us all. This also means that, in the eyes of the majority, there’s no greater sin than trying to appropriate the term and use it to make money.

Petition Gathers Over 10K Signatures in Less than a Week to Stop Insomniac from Trademarking PLUR

The petition was created by Peter Ecomos using the popular website Below you can read a tiny portion of it:

PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) is a fundamental principle that has been embraced by many communities worldwide. It originated in the early rave and electronic dance music (EDM) culture and has since spread to other social events, festivals, and gatherings. The principles of PLUR have become a symbol of positivity, acceptance, and inclusivity.

Due to the widespread use of PLUR, there should be no legal ownership or trademark associated with it. However, some individuals and companies have attempted to claim ownership of the term, which can limit its usage and prevent others from promoting its message.”

What do you think? Do you agree with the petition? Should PLUR remain free for everyone to use?

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