Fred Again.. Performs On NPR’s Tiny Desk And It’s As Good As You’d Expect

It seems like Fred again.. can actually do everything he sets himself after. Today, dance music’s artist of the moment surprised us with one of his biggest performances to date. It also is, ironically, one of its “tiniest” performances to date. That’s right, Fred again.. has just uploaded his NPRs Tiny Desk set, and it’s certainly worth watching.

Fred again... the name everyone's talking about, is back with an electrifying tiny desk concert

By now, everyone in dance music knows who Fred again.. is. Everyone’s heard his name. Everyone’s seen his boiler room. Along with Four Tet and Skrillex, Fred again.. has most certainly brought a completely new different sound onto the mainstream spectrum of dance music.

The trio has gone on to become one of the most prolific acts in the current scene. One of the most unique and honest acts I’ve seen in ages. On his own, Fred again.. seems to be doing just fine. He’s released three acclaimed, deeply personal albums from his Actual Life series which were beloved by fans and critics alike. With shows selling out across the UK and USA, the prolific London artist was also named one of Mixmag’s “Top 10 Live Acts Of 2022”. This is the second consecutive year Fred again.. makes the list. Not bad at all.

Fred again.. at Tiny Desk

The intimate live session sees Fred again.. presenting a sort of ‘unplugged’, deeply moving performance. One we’ve never seen before. It features highlights from all three of his Actual Life albums such as “Kyle (i found you),” “Roze (forgive),” “Adam (interlude),” “Me (heavy),” “Berwyn (interlude),” “Delilah (pull me out of this)” and “Faisal (envelops me),”. Fred again.. showcases his undeniable musicality and ability to touch people through his music and performances with his renditions of these tracks. featuring his own vocals, marimba, vibraphone, piano, and iconic machine, you can’t miss this.

Watch Fred again..’s Tiny Desk concert below!