Joyhauser – Liberty EP

Belgian techno duo Joyhauser announces a 2-track Liberty EP, in conjunction with an upcoming studio album available for pre-order. This follows the success of their inaugural album In Memoro with their first single ‘Wasted‘. The pair now shares two more tracks ahead of the LP’s official release on June 23rd.

The title track is a powerful techno cut, fueled by unyielding drum patterns and a hearty kick. In true Joyhauser style, they treat us to a heady melodic riff diving into rave-ready waters. It ebbs and flows with ethereal vocal injections. The duo creates a blissful dichotomy of cerebral soundscapes and high-impact rhythms. Not to mention, they hammer the cut with spacey affection.

Bassdrone‘ brings forth a raw intensity like no other. Aptly named, the track boasts a meaty bassline that’s both gritty and beautifully twisted. A refrain of flurrying synths in the break gives us a rapturous moment of reflection before the cut enters its final apex moments. The full-length,12-track album marks a milestone in the Belgian act’s career.

Now, they’re one of the fastest-rising acts on the international electronic music circuit since their inception in 2017. Firstly, they lead the resurgence of timeless European techno bred with contemporary sensibilities. Next, having delivered a steady stream of hits for the underground community, their LP showcases their production efforts onstage. What’s more, their tracks represent daring and progressive opuses. Lastly, the duo’s unrelenting creativity and ability create peak-time worthy records and produce ‘the journey’ in mind. With countless studio hours over the past three years, their eagerly awaited upcoming album is a record sure to deliver to their audience.

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