Hypaton, David Guetta, La Bouche  – Be My Lover

La Bouche‘s ‘Be My Lover’ was a massive hit when it was released in 1995, topping charts in numerous countries and becoming a dance floor classic. The song’s catchy chorus and addictive beat made it an instant classic, and it continues to be a favorite track among electronic music fans.

The 2023 edit of ‘Be My Lover’ starts out with a cinematic, mysterious buildup to create an electrifying atmosphere right from the start. Guetta played this remix for the first time at Ultra Miami 2023, showing us once again that  he is the best at using his magic touch on some older electronic classics, and this remix is no exception.

David Guetta / Hypaton

The track is a celebration of the duo’s individual styles and a testament to their collaborative efforts. It perfectly showcases how two artists with different styles can come together to create something unique and memorable.

The remix has been receiving a lot of positive attention, with fans raving about how Guetta has breathed new life into the classic track. The combination of Guetta’s expert production skills and Hypaton’s fresh perspective has resulted in a remix that is both nostalgic and new.

The 2023 edit of ‘Be My Lover’ is out now and available for listening. Fans of Hypaton and David Guetta can enjoy the track and experience the electrifying atmosphere it creates.

To listen to the 2023 edit of ‘Be My Lover’, using the link below now!