Hardwell and Olly James Present ‘The Seduction EP’

Two veterans of the electronic world have joined forces for an acid-heavy Techno EP.

Looking for banging techno? Say no more, we’ve got you. Or rather, Hardwell and Olly James have got you. The Dutch and the Brit have teamed up for their newest two-parter The Seduction EP, a very interesting, quite banging release.

Thought for the dancefloor, either of the tracks see a very elegant pairing with strobe lights, CO2 cannons, fire, and what have you. Both songs have the potential to bring you to the dancefloor and rise your hammer fist, or show off your hardest dance moves.

The Seduction EP

The EP contains two tracks, ‘Seduction‘ and ‘Flatline‘, both hard-hitting Mainstage Techno anthems with a healthy dose of Acid mixed into them.

Seduction‘ has the new Hardwell energy you need for your day. Dark Techno kicks followed by a hard bass, so the low end doesn’t rumble as much. A tense arpeggio leads the tension towards the drop again. Big room saws, dark claps, and, of course, the Acid elements make up for a great listen. Beware, you might want to listen to this one on headphones for the first time, given the slightly erotic content during the buildups.

Flatline‘ is an ode to the Big Room era from 10 years ago. A fine selection of lazer leads, and a hybrid Techno-Big Room kick, paired with rolling hats, short but violent claps, and offbeat elements, will ensure you don’t stop dancing. The break drives you through an insane vintage-sounding breakbeat kit as well, so there’s no room for getting bored on this one.

Final Words

Once you’ve played one or both tracks of the EP, tell me if your Imhotep face didn’t grow from the drops. Sure mine did!


Listen to the EP in full down below. You’ll find the Spotify block so it’s as easy as ‘click and play’. Do not hesitate.