Creamfields Hong Kong Returns in Epic Fashion Breaking Records

Creamfields just made a triumphant return to Hong Kong this past weekend for a sold out edition and was one for the history books. Over 20,000 festival goers were attendance for the amazing weekend. The 2 day festival took place on April 1 and 2nd over at the Central Harbor Front Event Space. This was the first time the festival took place in an outdoor venue, which is also another big win.

The last Creamfields that took place in Hong Kong was back in 2019 as a result of the pandemic shuttering live music events all across Asia for the past few years. This year’s edition was a highlight for many and a turning point for dance music in Hong Kong. Not only did it sell out in record numbers, the festival organizers were able to secure an epic lineup featuring massive headliners. Calvin Harris, MK, The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, And John Summit are just a few to name to perform over the weekend. The other acts were also equally incredible with Asian superstar DJs Chace and Beauz as additions to the lineup. Additionally, day 1 had a dedicated hardstyle stage and day 2 had a trance stage.

The Venue

The Central Harbor Front Event Space is an incredible venue in which it is right by the water and is surrounded by high rise buildings. The backdrop is magical to look at during sunset and especially so during the night time and is similar to the cityscape views of Ultra Miami which takes place at Bayfront Park. The venue also conveniently has a ferris wheel located just a few steps away, giving it festival like vibes. The festival food was actually decent as well. In terms of the layout, security, and lines everything was well organized. Huge shout out to Live Nation Electronic Asia for setting it all up. There were a good amount of lines set up so it was a short wait to get in. Water stations were well situated and there was also a dedicated staff team that would walk around giving out free water.

The Rave Culture & Experience

Myself being from the United States, this was the second festival that I have attended in Asia. The first being EDC Zhuhai back in 2018 and the differences between that festival and this year’s Creamfields is night and day. While not as many people came in with festival outfits and kandi compared to festivals in Europe and the U.S., a good amount of people did come out in flashy costumes and festival attire. I also noticed that the overall crowd was rather polite and embodying “PLUR”. While there was a lot of people moving around, people did not shove and asked to get by. Another thing I noticed was that a lot of people were dancing and really getting into the music. I remember back at EDC Zhuhai in 2018, it didn’t seem like a lot of people understood the music.

In terms of festival production, I was pleasantly surprised. While the stage wasn’t too big, it also wasn’t too small. It was a good enough size for the amount of people in attendance. There was also a good amount of CO2, lasers, and pyro’s shooting off throughout both days. All the DJ’s during both days put on some killer performances and the crowds were getting down with the music whether it be during sit downs, jumping up and down, or singing along in unison. After a weekend of partying at Creamfields, I can say that this won’t be my last. Everything in terms of the music, organization, production, people, and vibes were great. Rave culture in Hong Kong is definitely here now and I can’t wait for it to grow even more. If you’re ever around Asia and want to check out a music festival, Creamfields Hong Kong should definitely be on your list. I can see the festival to continue to get better and better.

Live Nation Electronic Asia will be bringing Creamfields to 4 upcoming spots across China with locations be announced, and more in Asia at that end. Stay up to date with all the exciting news over here on theirIinstagram.