Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Kryder Remix)

The English veteran producer recently revisited one of EDM‘s most iconic songs of all time.

Silence? What’s that song“, you might say, if you feel like you have no clue about the track. But just give it a listen and you’ll recognise it immediately. Made famous by Tiësto’s remix back in the day, Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan‘s ‘Silence‘ has seen a lot of reworks, remakes, bootlegs, and whatnot over the years.

The latest addition to the Delerium hit remix train comes from a very talented producer, known for his work on the labels Axtone, SIZE, and Sosumi. We’re, of course, talking about Kryder. His drum-heavy productions have been his signature move for years, and today, that sound makes a comeback.

Kryder’s ‘Silence’ Remix

A song that impacts due to its heavy inclusion of drums everywhere, the intro will have you singing the chorus, just before jumping into the main percussion course. After a while, the drums disappear to give way to the iconic Sarah McLachlan vocals, guided by the beat.

Once the break comes, another one of Kryder’s essential sounds surprises: the groovy piano. Enjoy the chorus just enough that the buildup lifts you up from your chair, and prepare to dance the drop with all the elements present: voice, percussion, beat, and piano. Wonderful work, just in time for what this Summer has in store, too.

Have a listen to Kryder’s rework of Delerium and Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Silence’ down below in your favourite Spotify interactive block, or, if you prefer, click here to be redirected to YouTube. Finally, head here to listen to Kryder’s remix on SoundCloud.