Andrew Rayel and Achilles Smash it With Delerium ‘Silence’ Remix

Big Room Trance has taken over an all-time classic. Out now for both your listening pleasure and your DJ duties.

Delerium‘s ‘Silence‘ is one of those songs that flies over no Trance addict’s head. Sarah McLachlan‘s iconic voice lines make this track practically an Anthem not only of the genre, but the whole of Dance music as well. Tiësto is partly to blame for this one, since his legendary remix is what took this song over to the four-to-the-floor community, and became one of his biggest hits ever. The popularity of said remix unleashed a ton of additional unofficial remixes coming from all over, and to this day you’ll still find one new remix every now and then.

That is, for example, the case of the past days. A new official ‘Silence’ remix has been tested and ultimately released, and comes from none other than Armada and ASOT veteran Andrew Rayel, in collaboration with Australian rising star Achilles. The song is a Big Room Trance pounder, shifting the ‘Silence’ atmosphere into a festival-oriented track. Sound familiar? Might be because Armin van Buuren tested it out very recently during the A State Of Trance Celebration Weekend.

Silence (Andrew Rayel & Achilles Remix)

The song’s first drop, which also represents the start of the Radio Edit, is pure basshead bliss, with Rayel’s signature kick paired with a sustained bassline, or rather, a Big Room kick. Techno percussion enters the scene, just in time for Sarah’s vocals to work their magic. From now on, nothing is unknown for the listener, since her voice and the all-time classic rhythmic chords and pads are brought back during the break.

With hands in the sky, head looking upward, and vocal cords in full use, the chorus is a very welcome nod to the Tiësto remix, with a little melody twist. Prepare for the buildup, and explode in Big Room once again once the drop hits you with that violent saw melody, a drowned reverb, and ultimately, the chorus once again now sounding over the beat. This one will turn some heads on the dancefloor.

‘Silence (Andrew Rayel & Achilles Remix)’ is out now on Rayel’s own Find Your Harmony. Listen to the song on Spotify by heading below. Also, check it out here for your YouTube play, and here to support the song any way you like.