Oliver Heldens Presents Stellar EuroRave Mix of Kate Ryan’s ‘Désenchantée’

Heard for a while in his sets, this roof tearer is out today and everywhere for your listening pleasure.

The legend is back in Releaseland! Oliver Heldens, HI-LO, Heldeep and HILOMATIK‘s label boss, or by the name you know him, has just put out a new track: a 2023 banging version of the classic Kate Ryan 2002 ‘Désenchantée‘, originally by Mylène Farmer. So, Oli’s song is the third iteration of ‘Désenchantée’, once a Pop hit, then a Club icon, and today thanks to him, a resurrected piece of History to be played in festivals all over.

The song mixes two styles rather seamlessly: the old, euphoric vibe of the singalong chorus lines from the ’90s and early ’00s, and the hard-hitting techno beats that are so popular today. It’s such an innovative concept that Oli has given it a subgenre:

It’s been super fun to play this remix at the end of my sets, I’ve actually been working on a couple more tracks and remixes that are in a similar direction and I like to call this EuroRave, cause it’s not EuroTrance or Trance anymore, but it’s also not Techno” -Oliver Heldens.

One could argue that this song in particular is Trancey or not. It’s certainly tangent to it and borrows elements from it. One could argue the same thing about it belonging to Techno. For now, though, the best thing to do might be to enjoy the self-titled EuroRave track as it comes: it’s really good.

Oliver Heldens & Kate Ryan – Désenchantée (Oli’s EuroRave Mix)

The Radio Edit starts just like Kate’s track, with her voice and the atmosphere behind it. The song is, for the most part, a very close tribute to the original. Then the beat comes: it’s an irresistible techno beat, with percussion and everything, adding to the already euphoric aspect of the song. Subtle crowd cheering in the break after the second verse makes you picture what this song must sound like live. And then the chorus comes again over the infectious techno beat. It’s a very welcome rework in today’s times, certainly a gust of fresh wind, bringing over the more melodic part of the past years to today’s music gatherings.

Heldens says his version of ‘Désenchantée’ was born after playing a French festival in 2021 and wishing he had an edit of the song to play for them. Read the full story on Oli’s post below:

Do help yourself and listen to the extended track down below for the official Spinnin’ Deep visualizer. Also, scroll further below to have the Spotify play available to you (Radio Edit). Finally, should you want to support the song any other way, head this way.