Eli & Fur – Where I Find My Mind

Their newest release is a sensitive mix of melodies, harmonies, and delicate elements.

After their latest club-oriented banger ‘Pegasus’ alongside MEDUZA, Eli & Fur are back for yet more music. The Anjunadeep duo doesn’t seem to slow down, releasing track after track, all paired with a successful round of shows worldwide. This new single is proof of that.

Today, they have released ‘Where I Find My Mind‘, a fine selection of elements put together to form a soft, beautiful arrangement. Long-tail-reverberated synths and plucks are the center of all things that are not vocal in this song. Almost like a child’s toy, almost like Gabriel & Dresden‘s comeback tune from a while ago, this song seems to flirt with nostalgia.

Where I Find My Mind

Taken from their upcoming new EP seriesFollow The Dark’, the song opens with a distant melody, to then add pianos and more elements that feel like time passing by. Then the vocals come upfront. The song is complete with the subtle percussion appearing for the first time during the chorus, along with the long-decaying synths mentioned earlier. The aura of the song portrays something long-gone, like a memory perhaps. Opposite to ‘Pegasus’, this song invites you to look inside yourself and enjoy this song eyes closed rather than moving and jumping all around. Goes to show how versatile Eli & Fur truly are.

Eli & Fur.

Eli & Fur are, literally, all over the world at the moment, with upcoming tour dates in places such as the USA, Guatemala, the UAE, and Albania, to name a few. Check their official website for more tour dates.

Also, do stream ‘Where I Find My Mind’ down below for either a Spotify or a Youtube play. The choice is yours. Want to support the single elsewhere? Head this way.