Forbidden Kingdom Releases Stacked Lineup

Forbidden Kingdom’s lineup is here! One of Orlando’s staple bass festivals is finally back. To celebrate its 4th edition, Forbidden has curated quite a solid lineup. June will most definitely see Orlando become home to one of the strongest communities in the industry: the bass kingdom. Some of the most exciting acts include 12th Planet’s Sunset Lakeside Set and a takeover presented by Hide & Seek, Peekaboo’s label.

Forbidden Kingdom is back. Bass and fantasy fans, rejoice! One of Insomniac’s most popular festivals is back and ready to break necks.

A week ago Forbidden Kingdom posted a short video introducing their attendees to the magical experience they will soon become a part of. You can watch the whole video below:

A great location. The best crowd. Unreal stages. What could a festival like this need in order to be a complete success? A proper lineup, indeed.

Forbidden Kingdom 2023 Lineup

Forbidden Kingdom’s Lineup Generates Mixed Reviews

On a more personal note, it’s interesting to see how fast DnB’s rising. The genre’s gone from niche to quite popular amongst the biggest festivals in a matter of months. Take all the DnB away and you still have got a pretty decent lineup in there. Jessica’s Audiffred Mexican power. Flux Pavilion. An Excision detox set. Forbidden Kingdom delivers yet again. The mysterious and mystical festival is ready to take us on an adventure.

What are your thoughts about this lineup? After diving into Insomniac social profile comment section I found a couple of comments complaining about the lineup. Both originality and lack of surprises were cited as the main motives. Personally, I agree with the lack of originality complaint. The lineup’s still pretty solid if you ask me.

How do you feel about Forbidden Kingdom’s Lineup? Will you be attending? Or has this year’s lineup failed to fulfill your expectations? Let us know in the comments!