Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn – Equal (Andrew Bayer and Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix)

A club-ready banger has been put out by a stunning new clash of talented Trance producers.

Andrew Bayer broke the shelves last year with the release of his two-part album Duality, his fifth and sixth LPs respectively. The veteran producer is no stranger to making crazy compositions and arrangements, and is known to be among the most creative and original artists out there.

One of his all-time vocal hits is the one with vocalist Asbjørn, ‘Superhuman‘. One of the most uplifting Progressive Trance tracks of modern years. Have a listen to it below if you don’t quite remember why it was such a hit back when it was released.

Now, following his album-featured Asbjørn collaboration ‘Equal‘, he’s teamed up with one of the most groundbreaking duos of the past years, Alex Sonata & TheRio, to remix this track, and bring their own heavy yet emotional twist to life.

Equal (Andrew Bayer and Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix)

Treat yourself to an orchestra of different sounds, ranging from a one-note drop, heavy beats, arms-open-wide chords, and, of course, ear candy courtesy of Andrew Bayer’s engineering.

The first and last drops will have you repeating “AS&TR” while you shake your head from side to side. The sounds are a great ode to 2015-2018’s Progressive Trance, too. Asbjørn’s vocals enter the scene during the drop, giving the song even more energy. Then the break lets you rest during a moment of calm and open pads, to then bring in the lead melody, some kind of electric lead, very intriguing. And of course, what’s not to love about that melodic drop, so true to Progressive Trance?

Do not waste more time and give this Bayer & AS&TR’s ‘Equal’ Remix a listen right now by clicking the Spotify button below. Also, give it your YouTube play by clicking here. Click here to support the song on any platform too.