Adam Beyer Delivers a Great Night of Drumcode at Printworks London

Last Friday, we went to an epic Drumcode party in London at the Printworks. It was magical to see all the techo lovers dancing in the press halls of the iconic venue. This party is a party we won’t forget any time soon and will definitely be on our list of the top printworks closing parties.

Founded in 1996 by Beyer himself, Drumcode has released tracks of some of the most influential names in techno, and it has been a fundamental part of the genre’s development over the past decades.

This party was extra special, as it will be the last edition of Drumcode performed at printworks (for now).  The venue is sadly closing in early May this year.

The sold-out show started the night with Soraya. She warmed up the night with her intense beats and put everyone in the mood to dance and was followed by Juliet Fox who took over the press hall. 

Layton Giordani and Kevin Bries were next, at which point the venue was packed.  The crowd was loving it and jumped while singing along to “Push Up”. The song has been playing in every show for the last month and we will definitely be hearing it all summer.

It was then time for Adam Beyer, the DJ and creator of Drumcode. He started with very melodic/harmonic beats but then took it into deep techno. The best was yet to come when around 1:30 his performance was enhanced with a lighting production show that used very bright flashing lights coming from each of the columns filling the press hall with sparkling white lights for short while.

The last edition of Drumcode Printworks, closed with the B2B set that everyone was waiting for: Joris Voorn and Kölschh.