Samsung Launches New Galaxy S23 Smartphone

Samsung launched its new Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup Wednesday. The S23 series will go head-to-head with Apple’s iPhone 14, launched last September. The Galaxy S23 comes in three new models: the standard S23 starting at $799, The S23 plus starting at $1000, and the S23 Ultra at $1,200; this last one features a 200-megapixel “adaptive pixel” sensor that combines 16 pixels into one larger pixel for brighter. All three are available for pre-order today and will hit the shelves on Feb. 17. Pre orders yours here.

The smartphone promises jaw-breaking pictures with a video feature called “Astro hyper-lapse,” which lets users take time-lapsed motion shots, for example, a picture of stars moving without special equipment. For the gaming enthusiasts, users will be able to play for longer thanks to a more powerful battery. The S23 Ultra houses a massive 5,000 mAh battery. The S23 Plus and S23 come with 4,700 mAh and 3,900 mAh batteries, respectively.