Orbital Release New Single ‘Are You Alive’

Phil and Paul Hartnoll, better known as Orbital, became very popular and famous for their outstanding live improvisations skills during shows. In the early stages, the brothers were heavily influenced by electro and punk rock. Nowadays, the brothers have emerged deeply in the techno environment. The band’s name is taken from Greater London’s orbital motorway, the M25, which was central to the early rave scene during the early days of acid house, and we can witness this influence in the brothers’ new single ‘Are You Alive’.

Orbital teamed up with Penelope Isles on the new track ‘Are You Alive’. This is the the third release from the brother’s LP and follow’s the second release ‘Ringa Ringa‘. The new track gives us a chill vibe full of colorful, melodic, and evocative beats.

When working with the group, Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll says: “They’re our studio mates, they work upstairs! And they’ve both got amazing voices.”

Listen to ‘Are You Alive’ here!

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