Jack Back Releases House Throwback, ‘Case Of The Ex’

Jack Back Case Of The Ex

Jack Back – Case Of The Ex (feat. Mya Francis)

Jack Back teams with N.F.I and Mya Francis to give us ‘Case Of The Ex‘, a new house banger released on Spinnin’ Records. Together, they make a unstoppable combination of highly experienced and cultured individuals. In this mind-bending and classic house track you will hear the roots of the popular genre.

If you didn’t know yet, Jack Back is David Guetta‘s house alias. He is returning to the project after its last release ‘Feeling‘ from early 2022. The project has steady yearly releases and remixes since 2018. There is even a massive 12-track Jack Back mixtape. Surprisingly, the alias first started in 2012 but took a 6 year gap – most likely due to the massive demand for David Guetta’s original music and DJ sets.

The addicting rhythm and groove behind this new single

If you love house or are tired of sub genres ‘Case Of The Ex’ is the track for you. It rides on a classic house drum beat while telling a story of a toxic but lustful ex swirling around in your head. Supporting the drums, the melodic synths and special FX create seamless transitions. Section to section, ‘Case Of The Ex’ does what any good house song should do, never stops grooving.

The demand for classic house tracks continues to grow and these 3 artist are here for it. David Guetta is known for leading the EDM world into new music. This time he is taking us back in time where he fell in love with the craft. Jump on the train, and tune into the flashback below.

Jack Back – Case Of The Ex (feat. Mya Francis) | Stream