Calvin Harris Showcases New Ellie Goulding Collaboration In 900-Year-Old Church

We’re one step closer to the reveal of the full, final version. Is anybody complaining about the constant updates? Me neither.

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New one is on the way!“, says Scottish producer Calvin Harris in his latest post on Instagram, the platform through which he’s kept us all excited about his latest collab, one with none other than heavenly vocalist Ellie Goulding. We know how these two work: the result of a conjoint work is bound to be great. And that’s why many — including us at EDMTunes — eagerly await news on the matter. And the news has come.


In that post, Harris attaches a video of Ellie with a microphone, apparently singing their new collaboration live. But there’s a catch: she’s singing inside Great St. Bart’s, the oldest parish church in the City of London, turning 900 years old this year. You can read more about them by clicking here. Not only the setting is magnificent with the sun rays peeking through the windows in the ceiling, but the vocals themselves seem to come to life, with those natural reverberations all producers know, love, and even try to emulate digitally. We’ve also been revealed the name of the song, ‘Miracle‘.

The Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, also known as Great St. Bart’s.

The hype train is on the way with these two, with not only fans but a handful of producers supporting their work in the comments. We’re talking Alesso, Mercer, Diplo, and Morgan Page, among many others. Great St. Bart’s thanked Calvin and Ellie through their Instagram account @greatstbarts by commenting “Thank you for visiting our historic church! You are welcome back anytime“.

The clock is ticking. We’re waiting for a countdown on the ‘Miracle’ collaboration to be announced. In the meantime though, you can watch and rewatch the aforementioned video, right below.