Anyma and Chris Avantgarde Stun with ‘Eternity’

Matteo Milleri of Tale of Us is pulling no punches with his emotive techno solo project. Together with Chris Avantgarde, their stunning track ‘Eternity‘ is out now. This brand-new single debuted at Tomorrowland’s first weekend. It surmounted a ton of satisfaction towards it. Coupled with Anyma’s GENESYS concept show and one of the artists to watch for in 2023, you get pure magic. ‘Eternity’ is a great follow-up to the duo’s last and most popular track, ‘Consciousness‘.

It is haunting from beginning to end. The track attacks your nervous system and sends all synapses through madness. Melancholic in melody but powerful in bass line, it is a sonic journey. Eerie instructions from robotic vocals capture you in a trance. This sound of techno is captivating and unlike anything else. Don’t just listen to the track below. You simply must check out the GENESYS show from Printworks London here once again. The audiovisual display they held at GENESYS sent chills down everyone’s spines. Kudos to director Alessio De Vecchi for connecting the cyberpunk underground to our metaphysical hearts. His art style is similar and perfectly complements the ideas of Anyma so you can bet it is a real showstopper. You’ve got to experience the Afterlife show at least once in your life if you’re a true techno fan.

We can’t wait to see what Anyma and Avantgarde bring to the table next. Perhaps an album? 2023, show us what you got. Stream ‘Eternity’ below.

Anyma, Chris Avantgarde – Eternity | Buy/Stream