The World’s Smallest Nightclub Opens In Madrid

We have a new must-attend nightclub. The world’s smallest “venue” has opened up in Madrid. It has been named Teledisko and is just one square meter. The glorified telephone booth is equipped with beaming lights and blasting music. The fog machine will send you into another world.

There are already 5 tiny nightclubs set up in Berlin and this mark the first international location. It has become a fascination in Berlin over the years and we are glad to see it in other countries. They are said to be trying to make them overseas as well. Watch out America.

For a small fee, you can host an intimate party. It appears 2-3 people can fit inside at least. But, you can of course have your own rave. People are encouraged to contribute €2 to enter and “go crazy” with friends. The website had this to say about the nightclub:

“You can insert your favourite song by inserting a coin, then print out a photo directly and download a video via a link. What happens in the teledisko stays in the teledisko:

It also operates as a photobooth so you can take all your memories home. Once inside, a selection of songs can be selected including ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’, Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’, and Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl.’

It will be located in the Almagro district in the gardens of Goethe Institute.