Magdalena Drops Insatiable Four-track Opia EP

Magdalena lands on Warung Recordings with Opia EP, encapsulating her deep and groovy soundscapes. Hamburg-based producer delivers her first release of 2023 with this four-track EP, showcasing her undeniable production flair. The title track channels the emotions shared by people from all walks of life on the dancefloor. With intricate percussion and guiding synths, the EP builds a hazy atmosphere to captivate audiences. The driving bass and fleeting pads in “Alate,” combined with distorted vocals, create another powerful composition.

The Opia EP has a runtime of 27 minutes and 53 seconds and features four tracks in total. Released on Warung Recordings, it’s a must-listen for fans of the Hamburg producer and deep, groovy soundscapes. Similarly, if you’re into Warung Recordings, this is also a release that you do not want to miss. Magdalena’s four-track Opia EP is out now, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Magdalena – Opia EP | STREAM