Camelphat Has a Second Album Coming

It’s been a great week for music, and if you’ve been following your favorite artists, you’ll know what I mean. While I don’t have new music to share from my own favorite, I do have news from my favorite artist duo consisting of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, AKA Camelphat. The news comes from a recent Facebook post that they officially have a second album underway! If you’re familiar with their debut album, ‘Dark Matter‘, then you know how amazing their full-length projects can be. If not, I highly recommend going back and giving the 21-track album a listen.

Their last album “Dark Matter”, featured tracks such as “Be Someone” with Jake Bugg, “Dance with My Ghost” with Elderbrook, “Phantoms” with Cristoph, and “Carry Me Away” with Jem Cooke. It also featured “Easier” with Florence Welch and Lowes as well as “Waiting” with Eli & Fur. If this wasn’t enough for you, it also contained special “Dark Matter Edits” of older tracks, like “Breathe”, and “Cola”. These edits featured special intros, which made them perfect for live shows.

CamelPhat’s Dark Matter featured a total runtime of 1 hour and 29 minutes. If this upcoming second album is even half of that, then I’m positive that it will be a must-listen for fans of the deep, progressive, techy vibes that they’ve come to be known for.

In the post, the duo is quoted as stating:

“6 Days of Recording in London. I think we got ourselves a Second Album. Buzzing!!!! 🔥

If you’re interested in seeing the original post, be sure to click here. I’ve linked our review of their debut album Dark Matter, here. I’ve linked the photos from their original post below. Happy reading!

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