[Interview] Pulse Events CEO Luffy Huang Talks About Upcoming Spring Festival and More

Spring Festival Avant Gardener

This month in New York City, Spring Festival will take full effect as Gryffin and KSHMR headline the 2023 Lunar New Year celebration. The event is hosted by Pulse Events and will take place at the legendary Avant Gardner venue in Brooklyn. We got the chance to sit down the CEO and head honcho of Pulse Events, Luffy Huang, to talk about his inspiration, music taste, and direction for the events company. See the full interview with Luffy below and grab your tickets to Spring Festival here!

1. What or who got you into Electronic Dance Music?

In 2009 when I started working on concerts and music production in Asia, I became interested in Electronic Dance Music. While we were working on bringing Korean pop concerts to other parts of the world, we experimented many times with blending K-pop and EDM, which was gradually becoming popular. I’ve been to many music festivals in recent year in the US. I strongly feel the power and love that EDM brings to fans, which inspires me to create more high-quality live performances.

2. What was your inspiration for starting Pulse Events?

Everyone who has attended EDM festivals knows that every music beat is like a pulse. When there are thousands of EDM fans at the same venue, it feels like everyone shares the same heartbeat and pulse. That magical feeling surpasses the bounds of different cultures and languages, and enlightened me to name our company Pulse Events with the tagline, One Pulse, One World.

3. What is your mission and goals for Pulse Events?

Our mission is building a bridge to blend eastern and western cultures through music and live performances. With the goal to knock down the walls between languages and concepts and allow fans to feel the charm from various cultures and artists, through music, we are aiming to transmit love and happiness from the US to every corner of this world.

4. What is your favorite moment so far from a Pulse Events show?

Every moment when our fans feel the happiness at our events is one of my memorable moments. I hope every attendee and fan can experience happiness.

5. What sets Pulse Events apart from other promoters in dance music?

Diverse cultures set us apart from others. Each event theme and featured artist was elaborately selected. With all the event decorations and LED wristbands we attentively prepare for our fans, we hope everyone will experience something special.

Luffy Huang, CEO of Pulse Events

6. How does it feel to fuse dance music with Lunar New Year in New York City?

Lunar New Year music festivals are a tradition and have a long history in Asia. There has never been a music festival for Lunar New Year in the US. We hope to bring in this Asian tradition here starting this year.

7. What led you to choose Gryffin and KSHMR as headliners for Spring Festival?

It’s our great privilege to include Gryffin and KSHMR in our Spring Festival. Both artists have an Asian background and grew up in the US. They understand both cultures. Their music gained popularity among global fans, which perfectly suits our philosophy and theme.


8. What is your favorite Gryffin song? What is your favorite KSHMR song?

‘Feel Good’ by Gryffin and ‘Bazaar’ by KSHMR. 

9. What is your main focus for future Pulse Events shows?

What we care about the most is the live experience for the audience. I hope the event theme, content, and venue setting can be integrated smoothly into a satisfactory experience.

10. What can you tell us about upcoming shows you have planned for 2023?

We plan to host more than one event every month. We will soon announce our artist for February. Please stay tuned. Thanks very much for the support!