DJ Hanzel’s Album anti-everything is Here

DJ Hanzel finally has his album out, with anti-everything and the best in deep house. It features right ubiquitous tracks from the elusive superstar, under the care of Dillon Francis. These previously shared singles come wrapped into a one-stop shop for listening. Those include ‘Take A Little Bit‘, ‘Make Me Feel‘, ‘Talkin‘, and his deepest heaviest cut ‘Gumby‘. Get ready to go ‘one deeper’ with Hanzel.

Firstly, ‘Be the Light‘ starts it all off with a nice 125-126bpm house beat. Next, ‘Pull Up‘ has the most infectious house beat that’ll leave your shoulders moving and bodies swaying. ‘Oh Girl‘ will make you say just that, with its groovy bassline and luscious melody. It builds up and breaks down in Düsseldorf club fashion. Now, ‘Make Me Feel‘ takes you to the depths of peak house partying in the warehouse. Those grungy basslines will make you sweat. What’s more, ‘Take A Little Bit‘ jazzes things up with some saxophone riffs and a resounding bass drop that will drive you crazy. ‘Talkin‘ instills mania in you as you listen and a staple house track that you’ve all heard before. He played this at this past Nocturnal Wonderland too. Tune into ‘Gumby‘ on your best speakers and have a blast. Lastly, ‘I Lose My Mind‘ rounds out the album with a minimalist soundscape and a deep, mysterious melody. Get lost in the deepest of underground sounds with this one.

“Upon the release of my newest album I am humiliated, for my quest to go one deeper has been undermined by the corporate interests of Dillon Francis. Like Beethoven who never heard his own compositions, I only understand my music as a perfect theory and to hear it aloud would snuff out the light of my soul. But please, do not let my pain stop you from streaming it on your ipod telephones.”

DJ Hanzel

About DJ Hanzel

Born in the outskirts of Black Forest, Germany on an owl farm, Hanzel wandered the streets of Düsseldorf’s underground art scene. That infatuation grew into a fiery passion inspired by techno pioneers Kraftwerk lack of going deep enough. In that moment, he knew what to do. He began his journey of becoming famous for writing tracks that take you one deeper. If you’re lucky, he just might come out of hiding to play. Listen to anti-everything below.

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