Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter Announces Solo Album ‘Mythologies’

Heads up! Thomas Bangalter’s first independent orchestral work is here. Titled Mythologies, mark your calendars for its release on April 7th. Choreographer Angelin Preljocaj initially commissioned the project for the 2021 ballet of the same name. It even premiered as the “founding myths that shape the collective imagination” under the direction of Romain Dumas by the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine. What’s more, the solo album is 23 scenes of substantial lyrical work. We’ll find a new approach to the Daft Punk co-founder’s composition, following their split in 2021.

About Mythologies

This is a 90-minute score that deviates from electronic music and encompasses a large-scale traditional force of a symphony. Moreover, it embraces the history of orchestral ballet music in a personal and collaborative way. With timeless themes that regard Tom’s conventional stylistic boundaries, the body of work reveals a love of Baroque music and hints at traces of American minimalism. Experience brief phrases subjected to progressive variation. A nuanced and colorful work, this will be a lengthy journey.

Bangalter’s last solo album came out in 2003 with Outrage. Now, this project dates back 2019, when Preljocaj invited Bangalter to write full orchestral music for the Opéra National de Bordeaux’s ballet company. It included a piece for ten dancers, ten others from Preljocaj’s own company, and the house’s resident orchestra. Itching for this new arrangement, Mythologies represents Bangalter’s development over the last 30 years of writing, composing, and performing music. The form, the stakes, and the creative process involved are all radically different. With Daft Punk, he explored the world of technology and the relationship between humankind and machines.

Who is interested to see what this has in store? Pre-save the album here to stay ahead.

Source: Pitchfork