Bleu Clair Drops Groovy and Funky ‘Step Into It’

Bleu Clair is back with another upbeat and funky tune. ‘Step Into It’ is a blend of tech and classic house that will have your feet moving to the beat. I dig how it gets right into the action. There is a bunch of disco elements throughout and especially right before the drop. The concept takes the reins of the senses and launches the listener into a whirlwind of string instruments, saxophone runs, thick basslines, and energy levels with hefty peaks and valleys.

Bley Clair had a breakout in 2022 which actually landed him #4 on our Breakout Artists. He is quickly making his unique sound heard in the house community. He had a bunch of releases including his personal favorite ‘Sand Dune.’ He had this to say about ‘Step Into It’:

Get ready to be transported back in time with my new single ‘Step Into It’. This nostalgic tech house track is bursting with retro-infused beats and sultry vocals that will have you feeling nostalgically charged and ready to dance.

A quick look at the artist’s Instagram gives a glimpse of what the daily grind is like, one of both hard work and joy, with demand for his live shows being on the upswing and audience members sedated by the sonic vibes he chooses to bring to the table.

Make sure to check out ‘Step Into It’ below!