Year in Tunes: Breakout Artists of 2022

As the year ends, it’s time for us to take a deep dive into all the wonderful music that has come out throughout 2022. There are so many talented artists rising on the scene, and we don’t feel that ranking them represents the individual talent of each one, but here are 12 producers we believe took EDM by storm this year.  


When Tale of Us members Carmine and Matteo announced their solo projects, few of us had any idea what an absolute powerhouse Matteo’s ANYMA project would become. Much more than an artist alias, ANYMA is a fully formed audio-visual spectacle pushing the boundaries of music, art, and crypto. His innovative strategy of selling his tracks as NFTS complete with cover art, moving visual art, and live show debut performance art has proved to be a gamechanger. He is elevating liveshows to an operatic level bringing tons of new eyes to the world of Afterlife. From his monstrous singles to his viral remixes, ANYMA is undoubtedly the biggest breakout star of 2022.


For all you Gixers at our number two slot, we have Nostalgix; over the last year, she’s genuinely been one of the best new talents we’ve seen. From her ability to make music (producing and creating vocals) to destroying festival stages and shows, she’s had an excellent 2022. The humble but talented artist has her first headlining tour in 2023, and you won’t want to miss it.


Next up is Cassian, another standout in 2022; he’s a virtuosic new producer, already collaborating with Hayden James and Elderbrook. Cassian’s tracks are vibe and melodic, and he’s becoming a fan favorite. Keep looking out for what other ear-pleasing gifts are to come from Cassian in 2023.

Bleu Clair 

At our fourth slot is the young talent out of Indonesia, Bleu Clair; his beautiful take on house music makes everyone ‘Hypnotized’. Bleu Clair has already played a lot of major festivals this year and continues to release heat. We have our eyes peeled to see what new heights the young artist will reach.   


Jumping into the fifth spot, we have the awesome Blossom; she’s killing the game and brings energy to all her sets. In addition to killing the EDM game, she’s also an active streamer, and her fashion choices are always on point. The hardworking artist is still freshly embarking on her professional career, and we’re here for it.  


Next up is Massano, a melodic techno producer from Liverpool. He’s breaking ground on the scene with music like his song ‘The Feeling’ and EP The System. Massano is one of the best young talents we got to vibe to in 2022. 

Kevin de Vries 

Seventh on our list, Kevin de Vries, the hybrid techno DJ from Germany, makes you drift away to his beats. His track ‘Dance With Me’ has become a regular late-night club favorite, and he’ll continue to impress with much more to come in 2023. 


For our eighth artist up, it’s the new but highly talented Bass DJ Zingara. Her take on bass music is insanity, to say the least, with bangers like ‘Mind & Body’; we’re excited to see what she has in store for us next year.   


All Eyez are on her; Capozzi comes in at the ninth spot as the banging house DJ continues to impress and make waves around the scene. She’s already killed festivals like HARD Summer and one of the best things Tchami’s Confession label has bestowed on the scene.  

Lilly Palmer 

Next on the menu is Lilly Palmer, a driving techno artist that has taken control of 2022. Her most recent releases, ‘We Control’ and ‘Resonate’, won’t let you stop moving; she’s one to keep your eyes on rolling into the new year. 

Fred again..

It wouldn’t be a 2022 breakout artist list without including the virtuoso Fred again..; everything he produces seems to be a gem. His track ‘Turn On The Lights again..’ and his album Actual Life are masterful electronic compositions; you won’t want to miss him in 2023.  


Last but not least on our breakout artist list is the Brazilian house selector Mochakk, who continues to amaze us with his skill in the studio and on the decks. His heaters ‘Da Fonk’ and ‘False Need’ were what we needed in 2022, and our ears are beyond ready for what goodies he’ll drop on us next.  

Overall, it was a fantastic year for music, with many new talents to enjoy. To us, the music only keeps getting better and better, so you better fasten your seatbelts for 2023.