Ascend Music: The Leading Choice for Music Marketing Success

The music industry is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: music’s power to connect with people and move them in profound ways. Whether it’s the infectious beat of a pop hit or the emotional lyrics of a heart-wrenching ballad, music has the unique ability to reach people on a deep level and leave a lasting impression.

But in today’s crowded and competitive music market, getting your music heard by the public can be difficult. With thousands of songs making their way onto streaming platforms daily, standing out from the crowd requires expertise and effort. To succeed and remain relevant even in today’s competitive space, you need to have the right support team backing you. That’s where Ascend Music comes in.

Ascend Music is the music marketing subdivision of Ascend Agency, a Public Relations firm that focuses on building brands and telling their stories. With a focus on playlist marketing for streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and SoundCloud, Ascend Music helps artists extend their reach and fan bases. By getting their music to the right ears at the right time, artists can ensure they get as much exposure as possible.

One of Ascend Music’s services is helping artists get themselves on curated and editorial playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Being included on these playlists sees artists garner more streams, increase their exposure, and help them connect with new fans.

Playlist marketing is not all Ascend Music offers its clients. In addition, they provide support through their distribution services by helping artists release their music. This means artists can rely on Ascend Music to handle all aspects of the promotion of their music, from releasing their songs on major streaming platforms to landing on curated playlists.

In two years, Ascend Music has established itself as a go-to PR and marketing agency in the music industry. In their first year, they generated $2.5 million in revenue, which tripled in their second year, reaching $7.5 million. The CEO of Ascend Agency Jonathan Jadali projects Ascend Music branch to generate over 2 million revenue in 2023 alone. “This growth is a testament to Ascend Music’s effectiveness in helping artists get their music heard by more people than ever before and expanding their reach.” says Brauch Owens, Head of Music at Ascend.

With its focus on playlist marketing and distribution services, Ascend Music is a one-stop shop for artists looking to take their careers to the next level. Their track record and marketing and PR expertise help artists tap into established support systems and provide their music careers with the growth they’ve wanted.

Ascend Music works with both established artists looking for community and aspiring musicians looking to increase their exposure and connect with new fans, providing their services to independent artists at all points in their careers and ensuring they can take them to the next level.