Year in Tunes: Best Albums of 2022

We’re in the final stretch of 2022 and it’s time to look back on the Year in Tunes. We had so many electronic dance albums this year from new artists and legends alike. We polled our team to find out what were the Top 10 albums for 2022.

Andrew Bayer – Duality 1/2

First up on the list is Anjunabeats’ musically versatile DJ/producer Andrew Bayer. After a hiatus, he came back with not one, but two albums of quality music. You can always count on Andrew Bayer to deliver.


SLANDER’s Thrive featured some mega hits like “Love is Gone” and sequel “Walk on Water” that had been in circulation for a while, but the duo used the album to show off their chops with a techno cut “Before Dawn”. It’s not all headbanging dubstep from SLANDER, but it’s certainly always a good time.

Carl Cox – Electronic Generations

You’d think a legend like Carl Cox dropping an album would rank higher. However, Carl literally just dropped this album after quite a few release date changes. As a result, it may not have gotten the full attention it deserves. None of that takes away from the fact that this is an amazing album where Carl doesn’t hold back. He goes deep, he goes hard, and he goes in directions you never would have expected. He’s a living legend for a reason.

Diplo – Diplo

Diplo conquered bass music, he conquered country music, so now he’s ready to conquer house music as well. All in all, Diplo did a fine just with his self-titled album. Many of these tracks became mainstays in the house music scene, whether as an original or through a remix.

Seven Lions – Beyond the Veil

After a decade of music, dance music legend Seven Lions releases his first-ever album Beyond The Veil, a full-length project that fans have been waiting for, purely Seven Lions, no collaborations with other producers. It’s a departure from his large collection of higher energy festival bangers. The album is his story of evolution through melodic bass.

Martin Garrix – Sentio

Martin Garrix released this album as a stream of singles dropped day after day, until the album was complete. This was a big dump of music being held back during the doldrums of the pandemic, and we’re glad we have festivals where we can jump up and rock out to these tunes.

Swedish House Mafia – Paradise Again

The biggest act in all of dance music finally put out a complete album. After years away from the scene, they roared back with this one that featured a new sound for them. Yet the album came together well with the tracks of SHM’s past and the album tour showed that off well. Tracks like Time, Heaven Takes You Home, Calling On, and For You complemented their more party cuts like Redlight and It Gets Better. However the track with the longest shelf life came out after the album alongside Fred Again.

Odesza – The Last Goodbye

Odesza, much like Rufus Du Sol, combines dance music and a band in a way that is infectious and appeals to wide swath of people. Not only that, but their albums are always solid. So it’s little surprise to see them make the list once again.

Fred again – Actual Life 3

Fred again wasn’t even a thought a year ago. He blasted onto the scene through a buzzworthy Boiler Room set and the enthusiastic approval of Swedish House Mafia. He also found himself on a rocket ship to stardom because he puts out truly innovative music. His album shows that off, hitting the highest of highs and lowest of lows all in one album.

Lane 8 – Reviver

Lane 8 is one of those consistent producers that never misses. Like Rufus Du Sol, if he has released an album in a given year, you know it will be in our Top 10 list. His music touches a chord with people and this album features so many amazing tracks that continue to remain fresh. Lane 8 music is great for almost any occasion, and if you havent heard this album yet you really need to. Congratulations to Lane 8!