Martin Garrix x JVKE – Hero

Martin Garrix is collaborating with Nuverse, Second Dinner, and MARVEL Entertainment for their new MARVEL SNAP anthem track ‘Hero‘. They’ve even teamed up with multi-talented viral singer, songwriter, and producer JVKE for a superhero-studded animated music video. In this mind-melding video, epic Marvel love stories explore the trials and tribulations of falling in and out of love.

‘Hero’ explores a new side of Garrix, with a mysterious, ominous, pumping beat. JVKE’s vocals perfectly blend in, solidified by his TikTok reputation. It honestly gives me Imagine Dragons ‘Misery’ vibes and I am here for it. Couple that with an animated video with sick animation styles, you can surely see how diverse Martin is getting as he gets older. We love to see it, don’t we? Since Garrix’s announcement of its release a couple of weeks ago, many have well received it.

Check out the music video below. JVKE falls deep into thought and imaginative exploration when he gets a “Can we talk?” text from his ex-girlfriend, Georgia. Uh oh! Been there, sir. Throughout the video, JVKE explores the highs and lows of a relationship through the eyes of classic superhero couples from Spider-Man & Mary Jane, Storm & Black Panther, and Vision and Scarlet Witch.

‘’I’m super honored to be a part of this project. I love exploring new territories with my music, and I’m really excited the song is finally out today.’’

Martin Garrix

The Line Animation, award-winning London-based animation stuio, crafted the video. The video showed at The Game Awards last night. MARVEL SNAP was nominated for the Best Mobile Game award. MARVEL SNAP launched in October and is quickly becoming one of the year’s top-downloaded and highest-rated games in the world. Listen to ‘Hero’ below.

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