Vintage Culture Releases 2-Song Club EP ‘Fractions’

If you like Vintage Culture, you’re in luck – He is out with a new EP by the name ‘Fractions‘. It consists of two club ready songs. Both tracks, ‘Fractions‘ & ‘Agape‘ consist of addicting House grooves and the mesmeric synths that make Vintage Culture fans move. After releases like ‘Under Pressure‘ & ‘You Gave Me a Feeling‘, there is doubting the productions skills that are behind the new EP.

More about the club tracks

Starting with ‘Fractions’, the track the EP is named after, we can hear the Vintage Culture funky style immediately in the house groove intro. One of his famous synths come shortly behind making up most of the song before the 1st drop. The powerful synth lead powers through the drop and takes a break for a beautiful breakdown. Soon, the synth comes back for another drop while the supporting elements of ‘Fractions’ give the listener more variety.

‘Agape’, the EP’s 2nd track shows Vintage Culture’s ability to change it up in his production skills. A more playful style and faster pace divides these two tracks. ‘Agape’ starts with a playful 1/8 note synth that forms the brick and mortar for what is to come. After the synth combines with a higher harmony of itself it drops into the first drop of the track. This addicting synth drop continues until it breaks down into its original self. After the breakdown the lead soon evolves back into its larger form for the final drop.

Vintage Culture is finishing 2022 strong with the release of his club EP, ‘Fractions’. With 2023 being less than a month away, it might be his biggest year yet. Pertaining to his history of fast-paced gain in the music industry and the house community there would be no surprise. He is already set to play at Ultra Miami 2023 with the biggest names in the game.