MEDUZA’s New Club Banger, ‘Sparks’ & ABGT 509

The Italian trio, MEDUZA is taking back the limelight in the house community for their new release with Del30 and Malikoa, ‘Sparks‘. A electric track that incapsulates its listeners and takes them for a ride down MEDUZA’s production style. This club banger is being released on Above & Beyond’s record label, Anjuna Beats. Their radio Channel, Group Therapy is featuring the trio on ABGT session 509 for their new release.

After finding fame with their break through track and 2019 Grammy “Best Dance Recording” nomination, ‘Piece of Your Heart‘ feat. Goodboys, MEDUZA continues to release track after track accumulating billions of online streams globally. ‘Sparks’ is the prefect addition to their large discography of successful hits. The Italian trio is paving the way to the new world of dance for musicians all over the world.


Dropping its listener down into the voice of vocalist Malikoa humming “I’m only human”, ‘Sparks’ starts the listener’s journey with a verse and classic dance build. After anticipation, the first drop filled with MEDUZA style synths and drums fills the air. Vocals from Malikoa emphasize its groove at the end of each phrase and keeps the listener on their journey.

During the breakdown, Mailkoa begs for a breakthrough and prepares for the next drop. Once again, ‘Sparks’ drops and takes the listener for another journey through the realm of MEDUZA. All together, the elements of this track work to create a story that MEDUZA wants its fans to hear.

Conclusion and live shows

After many years of success, MEDUZA continues to hypnotize fans all over the world with countless releases and live shows. If ‘Sparks’ fits your music taste, catching one of their live sets might be your next move. For New Years, MEDUZA is set to play in Atlanta, GA on the 29th and Miami, FL on the 30th of December. You can view their schedule on their website at