Cyazon Talks About His 2022, His Favourites of The Year And His Plans For The Holidays

2022 is almost over and it’s a good moment to review the most important milestones of this past year full of learnings, new experiences and, of course, music. Cyazon shares some insight about his year and his plans for the holidays. 

Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. 2022 is almost over, we want to know what is your most important highlight of the year, both musically and personally? 

Hi! I would say the most important highlight musically is having 30,000 consistent monthly listeners on Spotify. My most important highlight personally is being able to relax more and have less stress, anxiety, and depression around my desires, outcomes, and life in general.  

What was your favorite release of 2022 (of your own)? 

My track ‘Netrunner’ with Becko released on FiXT was my favorite. ‘Artificial Tears’ with Becko is also another favorite this year too that is just as good as ‘Netrunner’. 

And what was your favorite track of the year from someone else? 

‘Another Way’ by Au5. Also, this is more of a song, but ‘Follow The White R@bbit’ by Becko was another favorite too. 

Did you have any special standout shows this year either that you played or attended? 

I did not go to really too many shows this year, but a few special shows I attended were Beyond Wonderland Festival and a Jason Ross with Au5 headline show in LA. I got to see my friends/acquaintances Au5 and Tokyo Machine play at Beyond Wonderland. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned in life 2022? 

The biggest lesson I learned is to stay focused on the desired outcome for what I desire while also being patient and having some level of detachment. 

And following on, what was the biggest lesson you learned in music? 

For music, mainly the same lesson I said earlier for life, but allowing myself to not be discouraged if things are not going my way with getting music signed with labels, playing shows, or making sustainable income from music. I have to constantly remind myself that the path with music is a journey. 

If you could send yourself a message to you 5 years ago, what would it be and why? 

I feel like I would have said to finish school and find myself a job or career that can sustain myself financially while I pursue music. Even though I’m doing OK, I think it would take away some pressure I have about life. 

How has your sound developed in 2022? 

With my unreleased music, I would say it is more melodic while also keeping my cinematic cyberpunk/synthwave sound. 

Who would you say was the most innovative artist in 2022? 

This is a hard question for me since I do not really keep track of this. I would say with the release of Seven Lions’s album, I feel that it was innovative with elements of having an organic sound and story-telling. 

Which label or labels do you think where at the top of their game in 2022? 

Ophelia I feel like kept really consistent with putting out music. Monstercat’s marketing and social media for their releases improved a lot this year too. 

If any, do you have any regrets for the year behind us? 

Not really no because I know that I tried the best I could with music and in life and I still am trying for those desires and outcomes. I guess one regret would be for those desires to see some progress or movement during this year. 

What are your plans for the holidays? 

Mainly to visit my hometown and be with family. Maybe meet up with a few friends too. 

Just for fun, if you had to take a classic Christmas song and remix it, what style would it be and what could we expect? 

Another hard question for me since I do not listen to anything specific! I would say ‘Silent Night’ and it would probably be in the Ambient genre with dreamy pads and melodies.

Where will you be spending New Year’s Eve? 

I will be spending it in my hometown. I kind of wish I would be doing something exciting with someone, but one day hopefully I can do that. 

If you had to put 2022 into one sentence, what would it be? 

As honest as this may sound, a rollercoaster of expectations with my desires going up and seeing progress then back down and not knowing what will happen. This year has felt like a big unknown for me, but sooner or later I have hope that things will start becoming better. 

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