90% of Young People Believe Clubbing Improves Their Mental Health

According to new research conducted by nightclub Motion, almost 90% of young people feel that clubbing helps them connect with people and improves their mental well-being. I think we all can agree with that statement. Both festivals and clubbing have such an ability to bring happiness. There are moments when you can just forget about life and enjoy music with some friends. The after-glow of shows is a real thing.

The Bristol hotspot carried out the research as part of the club’s Keeping Bristol Moving Campaign. The campaign is aimed at helping people “re-connect post-pandemic and offer a rite of passage into the nightlife scene.”

With a huge number of today’s students turning 18 during the pandemic, Motion recognizes that many missed out on an essential rite of passage into club culture. For us Americans, we understand those that turned 21 missed out on a big going-out birthday. And in general, that first year during the pandemic was rough not being able to dance.

Motion will undertake a series of pop-up events, innovative live streams, student promotions, and giveaways. Alongside this, their winter bookings will include huge shows from the likes of, B.O.T.A Eliza Rose (29th Oct) and 15 years of Hessle Audio (4th Nov).

Travis Derrick at Motion had this to say:

With such a massive number of students recognizing the importance of going out for their mental well-being, we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make sure no one is missing out on the nightlife scene in Bristol (and beyond).