Number One Belgian “Retro Old-School” DJ Ghost Shares His Top Wisdom

Navigating the music industry to success can be arduous for many artists. You must not only counter massive competition, but you must also work hard and be resilient to overcome the many challenges you may encounter. Most young artists often struggle to find their way to success, but the good news is that they can learn how best to navigate their way from some legends of the game, such as DJ Ghost.

With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment scene, DJ Ghost stands out as one of the most prolific and experienced producers, DJs, and managers. His skills, passion, and ingenuity have been dubbed the number one Belgian “retro old-school” DJ. Throughout his career, DJ Ghost worked and collaborated with numerous mainstream talents while also producing for the legendary Bonzai Records in Belgium.

The sensational DJ also performed and played worldwide, from New York, Miami, and Chicago to all European capitals. His top career moments include playing at international events and festivals like I Love Techno, Rave Rebels, Qlimax, Sensation, Reverze, Decibel, and Parookaville, among others.

DJ Ghost also stands out with his unparalleled music industry understanding and experience. His unquestionable work ethic and professionalism saw him work as the A&R manager for Byte records. Working with such a record equipped him with vast skills and knowledge, which he strives to pass on to the next generation.

The musical journey can be one challenging path to pursue with numerous hurdles. In his early stages, DJ Ghost faced and overcame many challenges that significantly influenced him to become the artist he is today. However, his biggest challenge was overcoming the Covid pandemic, which significantly impacted the music industry. “Covid forbade me from doing my passion and work, but since I’m always positive, I knew we would be back,” he explains.

Regardless, the pandemic opened up a whole world of opportunities for the entertainment industry. DJ Ghost believes that the pandemic helped the world appreciate online concerts, thus helping artists uncover diverse ways to reach their audience.

A positive-minded individual, DJ Ghost encourages everyone, especially young talents, to continue putting in the hard work. Creating a brand and nurturing it to success can be difficult, with many challenges that can easily knock you off course. However, DJ Ghost strongly believes that hard work pays and that you should never give up. What’s important is to set your goals and the best strategies to get you there. Also, don’t listen to the critics. Instead, pick what’s positive and good for you.

“Always stay positive and be nice to everybody on your way up, as you might meet them on your way down. Fight for what you believe in and continually work to be the best,” DJ Ghost adds.

Though he has largely lived his dream, the ambitious DJ is still hungry for more success. He wants to continue producing more music and playing on big stages. His goal includes participating in and hosting stages such as Ghoststyle and Cherry Moon. DJ Ghost also seeks to work with other exceptional talents under Bonzai Records, helping them release more exceptional music. Additionally, he aspires to travel the world playing and performing for his fans.