Juliet Fox Releases Hard Hitter ‘Evolution of Thinking’

Techno producer and DJ, Juliet Fox is back with a new heavy hitting track ‘Evolution of Thinking‘. A real example of a top tier techno track fit for the world’s best sound systems. Juliet is queen of mesmeric techno vocals and is known for her addicting bass lines. The queen proves herself with this new track and continues to hold her hierarchy in the techno genre.

Inside of ‘Evolution of Thinking’

This low end flavored track starts off with a knock-like snare and techno kick. Additionally, Juliet brings in the bass adding emphasis on her already established groove. The lead joins the arrangement after a glitch style cadence. Finally, deep in the track Juliet’s mesmeric voice speaks freely humming words of obsession. Then, the dark style techno drops into a industry breaking drop that would make any club floor shake. The tracks ends with a breakdown that makes the listener crave more.


After releasing tracks on Drumcode, Filth On Acid and Kraftek record labels, Juliet is more than established in the realm of techno. DJ’s all over the world spin her tracks for ballrooms and clubs full of techno lovers. ‘Evolution of Thinking’ is evolutionary and will be played along with those tracks.