[EVENT REVIEW] Daft Punk Immersive Experience in LA

One More Time

As we know, Daft Punk broke up – and people are still bummed about it. But there are some elements that the now-mythical French duo laid down – so that they can live on forever in our hearts, and on the dance floor. They created a legacy with their large library of knowable music, and an aesthetic with their spacey creative works including Interstellar 555, Tron, and those iconic masks. One such creative group, has taken their legacy, and used it to make an enjoyable immersive experience for all. 

Robot Rock

The name of the experience is Contact. It brings you into a world of live music and original songs that revolve around a narrative: an omniscient “mother” has taken control of our minds in a dystopian future. Audience members are informed about actors planted into the audience. We are all in a simulation and governed by the great “mother”. Throughout the pre-show, there are several musical acts that perform around the open air space. These add context to the world they are creating.

The premise is that in the future, two robots trapped in the simulation have discovered the old helmets of Daft Punk. In dawning them, they awake to the prison that the simulation is. With their DJ set (which goes on for 2.5 hours), they free the musicians, and actors, and you, from the grips of “mother”. 

The whole experience was very inventive. The concept as immersive artist appreciation is something that I think we can all get behind.

The event CEO is quoted saying:

“We seek to take people on a journey, and get them to question the stimulus they are given, and show them that they can free themselves with music. We believe that this is one of the many things that Daft Punk was able to do for their fans.”

More Info

Wisdome, Los Angeles was originally a venue that used its many giant projector domes for sound bath healings and other yogic and meditative work. They repurposed these domes for live music, DJ sets, and projector journeys. There are vendors, food trucks, and original art pieces for sale on the outdoor grounds. As well as a full bar set up, and lots of couches, nooks, and crannies to relax or party in.

The VIP section includes a stacked buffet table, and access to a private dome with its own musical acts. It also has a secret backdoor to the main stage where the Daft Punk analogs play. And strewn about the grounds are party games like giant jenga, twister, and more. 

Recently, Contact has been extended due to popular demand. The CEO hopes to bring it to Las Vegas soon. The next weekend it will take place is November 17-19. General admission and VIP tickets are available here