Electric Forest Takes Stand for Abortion

The popular EDM festival, Electric Forest stands up for abortion with a banner signed by 1000’s of attendees. In the heart of Michigan, in the small town of Rothbury, 60,000 – 90,000 ravers gather every year in a forest full of art and music. Hosted by Insomniac, Electric Forest celebrated their 10th year being active. Along with that, with today’s political issues, many forest attendees joined the battle for abortion after Roe v. Wade was overturned.


Electric Forest has even gone as far as raffling off 2023 Goodlife wristbands those who sign their banner supporting pro-choice.

More details on the impact of the over-turning of Roe vs Wade

Many states have banned abortion completely with trigger laws or will impose restrictions. Other states have deemed it illegal at certain weeks of pregnancy. Some details like rape, health risk for the mother, incest, legal on request, and parental consent are factored into these complicated laws. This decision makes it hard for doctors across the country to practice. It complicates the ability to receive approval from lawyers at a reasonable time to go ahead with the abortion. This puts urgent cases at risk when feedback takes multiple hours. Many of these laws are quickly changing and evolving by state. So, to add exact info by state could make this article not accurate in the future to come.

Missouri is the first state to ban abortion

EDM community and abortion laws

In the comment section on Electric Forest’s Instagram post showing the banner, one can tell there is a divide in what people believe to be right. Also, there is an argument on whether a music festival should be wading into thorny political issues. E Forest and its fans are free to spread their message just as those on the other side of the argument are. That’s what makes America great.