Barkin Drops Artificial Intelligence Club Track ‘Sorry Human’

Barkin has returned with the heat. Following his debut release ‘Feels Like,’ his new club track brings just as much power. A Bass House tune at its core, ‘Sorry Human‘ has a deep meaning for listeners. The record will take you to another world while keeping your feet on Earth.

The track kicks off a conversation between a human and a robot. Utilizing his own vocals, Barkin tweaked the vocals to evolve over time. The human warns the world of the power of artificial intelligence, looking for answers. The robot doesn’t seem to care much however and proceeds with her own agenda. 

This agenda is a fiery drop filled with a booming bass groove. The drop will get any club moving to the beat. Scintillating glitches and FX give our ears the candy it needs. Touches of carefully crafted outwardly synths make the robot feel right at home. The second drop features an even groovier bass beat. The intensity continues to increase before the record comes to a close. The robot may have won this battle. Barkin had this to say about the tune:

I loved the idea of a Human and a robot having a conversation. Artificial Intelligence is slowly learning our every move. Our world is shifting to be more digital than ever before and you can hear that in how the human vocal evolves over time. I wanted that to symbolize society. By the end of the track, the human has evolved into a Cyborg.

Make sure to check out ‘Sorry Human’ below!