Barkin Makes Long-Awaited Debut With New Track, ‘Feels Like’

New music from debuting artists is always refreshing in the ever-changing world of dance music. Today, we bring you one such breath of fresh air by the way of the New-York based Producer/DJ Barkin. The tune in question is called ‘Feels Like. Additionally, it totally feels like something fresh, and new. If you’re a fan of the Bass and Electro house flavors of dance music, then this is a tune that you do not want to miss!

Feels Like

‘Feels Likestarts quick with a few vocal chops & moving ride hits. Shortly after, we get a tight snare roll, which leads us into the track’s drumbeat. Similarly, at the 00:45 marker, we get what is undeniably the drop, and it is glorious. ‘Feels Likeis the type of tune that deserves to be played at peak time at our nearest festival. The track is brimming with wild synths, smooth syncopation, and playful drums — the type that really gets the listener moving. If you were looking for a track to get wild to, look no further, Barkin‘s ‘Feels Likeis your jam.

Some Words

When asked about ‘Feels Like’ Barkin had the following to say:

“I am so excited for my debut track ‘Feels Like.’ I have been working diligently over the last two years to create my sound and this is the perfect track to show it off.

[I]…love the energy it brings and I feel like (pun intended) the drop is a surprise in a way. I have always enjoyed making tracks that bring the unexpected. ‘Feels Like’ does this while bringing the heat.”

Firstly, with a total run time of three minutes & twenty seconds long, this is the perfect track to get you grooving. Secondly, if you’re into the grittier styles of house music, then this is the tune for you. Lastly, Barkin’s debut tune, ‘Feels Like’ is out now on Liftoff Recordings. In conclusion, The track can be streamed below, enjoy!

Barkin – Feels Like | STREAM

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About Barkin:

Barkin fell in love with dance music many years ago. He found music to be an escape from everyday mundane life. Festivals and clubs allow everyone to express who they really are. They set you free in many ways. The world has always loved to dance and EDM connected us like never before. Barkin dreamed of one day being on stage, playing his music, and giving others the opportunity to lose themselves in the night, just as he had done. 

Barkin’s vision is to make the masses dance; To make others happy. 

The New-York based Producer/DJ is bringing the heat back into House. His music is filled with intensity while being beautiful and groovy at the same time. Noticing the genre has lost some edge, his punchy basslines mixed with heavy synths will be setting dance floors ablaze. Vocals used as instruments and deep moving breakdowns are integral to his tracks. While his drops will get your feet moving, each track has a meaning to be unfolded. He loves his drums and always takes extra care to make sure each sound has its place.

Barkin began his music production journey over two years ago attending the prestigious Icon Collective Music School. He presents some of the freshest sounds in House taking inspiration from various sub-genres including Bass, Electro, Tech, and Progressive. Listening closely, Dubstep elements are also very present. He has an arsenal of tracks he has been working on, poised to release them at the right moment. “Let’s Dance.”