Multi-platinum selling songwriter, producer, and singer Moby is launching his own record label, always centered at night, which will focus on one thing and one thing only: the music. Avoiding the mainstream status quo, always centered at night will give musicians a refuge from what Moby calls “our current, fear-driven, algorithmic-based culture.”

“There’s so much fear out there. I talk to my friends who are creatives and it breaks my heart because they don’t trust themselves anymore. It seems like the only criteria is: ‘Can I sell this to a corporation? Will a corporation pay me to make it? Will I get enough ‘shares’ and ‘likes’?’ What happened to the idea that art and culture should be a contemptuous refuge from the mainstream, as opposed to this lickspittle, running dog accommodation to the mainstream? And so what I have to say to artists I want to work with is: ‘Look. We’re trying to make something unique, idiosyncratic, and personal and the music and lyrics don’t need to explain themselves. They can be obscure, they can be whatever you want them to be.’”


The label will be entirely virtual and exist out of Moby’s recording studio to emphasize “non-corporeal non-entrepreneurialism.” He stated he might make physical copies at some point (vinyl discs and/or CDs), but the main idea is for fans to be able to look for new music and discover it virtually.

The first single from always centered at night, a collaboration between Moby and Aynzli Jones called ‘Medusa,’ is out now.