Cyazon Talks About The Process Of His Latest Release ‘Artificial Tears’ Ft. Becko

Cyazon continues creating a sonic futuristic world of his own and showcasing his musical skills with every release. His music takes its listeners onto energetic journeys where Cyazon’s characteristic style and sound is palpable. While he keeps releasing fresh mixes for his weekly radio show, ‘Cyber Future’, and working on new music, he took us behind the scenes of the process of working on his latest release ‘Artificial Tears’ featuring musician Becko. 
This is what he said. 

  1. Hello Cyazon, how are things going? 

Things are going good thanks for asking, and thanks for interviewing me. 

  1. Tell us more about the idea behind ‘Artificial Tears’, what inspired the song

The idea behind Artificial Tears is based off of a scene in Bladerunner 2049 where Joi the AI hologram meets with K on the rooftop. It’s raining too. So, the imagery is that there’s rain and an AI hologram, which is artificial. 

  1. Did you experiment with new sounds or processes while working on the track? 

I experimented with using a prophet hardware synth to record the synth lead fills during the drop. I never really have done this before so, I took out short segments of this long synth jam recording I had. The synth sound I used is also similar to the synth in the song ‘Dreams’ by Nero and Zhu, which helped inspire the song.  

  1. Can we hear any influences on the song? 

I would say you can definitely hear Nero with the synth leads fills during the drop on this, as well as some Xilent influences with the Synth Arp in the intro. The oriental pluck in the outro of the song also hints that the song is taking place in the same Bladerunner city, LA, as the movie. 

  1. How did the idea of collaborating with Becko again come through? 

When we were first talking about working together, I sent him both ‘Netrunner’ and ‘Artificial Tears’. So, I feel that collaborating on 2 tracks happened naturally.  

  1. In which ways was this new experience with Becko different from the last one? 

I feel that working with Becko on ‘Artificial Tears’ was slightly different, but similar in most ways. The technical aspects of finalizing his vocal and communicating with him were the same. The way he delivered his vocal and the lyrics I feel tell more of a story, which is what I intended with ‘Artificial Tears’. 

  1. How does this track differ from your previous releases? 

I feel that this is a bit heavier-sounding and also has the element of the metal/screamo vocalist in it as well. ‘Netrunner’ was similar, but I feel this is a classic mid-tempo track that 1788-L would put out.  

  1. What do you think is the most important thing to take into consideration when releasing a new track? 

I feel the biggest thing for me, is if I have the intuition to know it’s a really good song or not. It takes a lot of discernment and time to listen to a track to see whether it’s worth releasing. 

  1. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? 

Some collaborations I would like to happen, even though these would be kind of big would be, Nero, The Weeknd, Rezz, deadmau5, Steve Aoki, and probably a lot more I can’t think of at the moment. 

  1. What are you currently working on? 

A few collaborations on and off that will take a while to complete. I’m also experimenting with a new sound/genre for my music and seeing where that leads.  

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