‘Moth To A Flame’ by Swedish House Mafia has been a huge hit. When they released their new single with The Weeknd last November, it was the first gift of new music they have given us since the group reformed last July. Since then, it has enjoyed hundreds of thousands of streams and a host of new remixes including those by Chris Lake, and Tourist

Now, ZHU is taking his turn to remix the new banger. In an instagram story a few days ago, ZHU showed a sneak peak of a dropbox file titled ‘SHMXWEEKN…HU(zlab).mp3’. While we cannot confirm that this is truly a ‘Moth To A Flame’ remix at this time. All of the evidence seems to suggest that this 8-minute track will be just that.

We will keep you updated with this story as it progresses, and hopefully we will have a ZHU-style remix available soon.