Rapture Festival returns to Virginia Key Beach Park during Miami Music Week. Taking place on March 25th, the event is a one and only daytime beach festival during the biggest music festivity week. Come together for art, music, wellness, and nature all in one place. The event boasts a world-class lineup featuring Monolink, Bedouin, Sabo & Goldcap, Rony Seikaly, Jenia Tarsol b2b Chaim, and more. Enjoy plenty of water sports, mindfulness, and environmental workshops. This is an enrichment for the life and soul.

Rapture is known for its tasteful getaway production. It is also famous for its warm, friendly atmosphere and cultured approach. Their real focus on environmental awareness and preservation pair well with their promotion of a healthy, spiritual lifestyle. Attendees can participate in yoga, healing, meditation therapy, and more. Look around and watch artists make live art, or promote multi-cultural and historical themes.

The festival kicks off right on the beach at midday. With perfect weather for paddle boarding or gallivanting on the beach, come dance and frolic in the sea with the music for the day. Virginia Key Beach Park is a barrier island park, that expands across wetlands, scenic beaches, and the bay. Wait for that sunset for the most beautiful vibes to end the night with. If you can’t make it to any of the MMW events, then give this a try. You can get your tickets and more information about Rapture Festival here.

Experience all types of music from electronica, techno, and house, to hypnotic grooves of desert house sounds. Emotive melodies and ambient moods await you. Now is the time to prepare yourselves for the festival season.