Top 10 Rave Hydration Packs

Staying hydrated always is as important as life for a raver. So coming equipped with the best rave hydration pack or festival camelbak is omnipotent to having a fantastic experience.

As the main festival season in the US is approaching, so is the hot weather and strong UV rays. Now, factor in the fact that you will be dancing and walking around festival grounds all day long. Worse off, you are more than likely pounding a few beers or vodka Redbulls throughout your time at the event.  

Little do many people know that alcohol will speed up dehydration. So, you must hydrate to keep going the long haul. To stay hydrated all week, you no doubt need a hydration pack to rave. For the experience raver, it is probably already at the top of your checklist when packing for the weekend.

However, not all rave hydration packs are born equal. Some rave hydropacks are more functional and innovative than the others. Some will last a couple weekends, and some could last years.  Additionally, some have magnificent features that can help. There are options with an anti-theft function that offers piece of mind, and others that have led wires, underglow, and other luminant products to truly make your hydration pack rave.

So, how do you know the best rave hydration pack that suits your needs? Let’s get this party started and breakdown our top 10 picks for rave hydration packs.

Top 10 Rave Hydration Packs 

There are tons of rave hydro packs out there. Each has different features like the following:

  • Multiple compartments
  • Water bottle holder
  • Smartphone holder

There are so many possibilities. However, what you see in the pack is what you get. Some packs have small carrying capacity and others larger.

  1. GenZ’s RaveRunner Anti-Theft Festival Hydration Pack Rave

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Product Features:

  • Anti-theft – secure your items
  • Inverted zipper
  • Shoulder strap chest pockets
  • Multiple hidden pockets
  • Utility pockets for sunglasses and smartphones
  • Underglow for brightness
  • Loops to thread EL wire
  • A Velcro patch to attach a solar panel charger

Product Description:

If you want a real rugged rave hydration pack, then it is the GenZ RaveRunner Anti-Theft hydration backpack. It not only gets the job done but gives you peace of mind with the inverted zippers.

Yes, with the inverted sipper feature, the zippers typically inward. That means no one can access the zipper from outside. With the zipper compressed beneath, it will take lifting up the backpack for accessibility.

Another exciting perk with the GenZ RaveRunner backpack is that multiple hidden pockets. Your wallet fits perfectly in the hidden pocket that is placed on the main compartment panel. There is also a small hidden pocket above the chest strap to hid cash or other small goodies. 

Also, you have the chest pockets located around the shoulder straps. That’s an incredible spot to keep sunglasses and phones handy, yet safe from pickpockets. GenZ utilized features from ultra-running hydration packs to make this possible.

It’s nice to light up your path. And with the EL wire accessory you can thread the  light string cord through smaller loops on the backpack. GenZ also gave us the ability to attach underglow to their rave hydropack. You may have seen a car with this light feature before. It is pretty sick. There’s never a dark moment with the GenZ hydration pack rave bag. 

No worries about access to power. The GenZ Rave hydration pack has a solar charger port and solar panels. That, for me, is the bomb! It means power on the go, anywhere, anytime!

  1. GenZ RaveRunner X/ Rig Ultra Chest Hydration Pack

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Product Features:

  • Smaller backpack – Lightweight – Minimalist
  • Multiple pockets for phone, key holder, and more
  • 17oz soft flask liquid carrier
  • Reflective Ink for visibility
  • Snack compartment
  • Front pocket storage option

Product Description

One intriguing part of the X/Rig Ultra is that it is compact but spacious. It looks small from the outside but you can store up to 17 ounces water. That’s quite a volume for a long night at the rave.

The GenZ X/RIG chest pack is the ideal pack for someone who doesn’t take much to festivals. It has a keyholder, phone and vape slot for keeping things organized. You can also have your snacks handy and a few cloths for a short trip. Keeping your water bottle and phone in front makes it easily accessible.

No doubt, having your phone strap in front increases the safety level. That’s one more reason to love the RvaeRunner X/Rig.

  1. 1 Pocket Rave Camelbak
Hydration Pack, 70 oz/2 L, Black

Product Features

  • 1 pocket
  • Small supplies
  • Simple strap

Product Description:

The one consolation with the Rave Camelbak hydration pack is the one pocket provisions. Some musical festivals can limit you to a 2-pocket maximum pack. That becomes a win for you. 

However, the Rave Camelbak is a true minimalist in design and outlook. It has a simple color and layout. Don’t expect so much from the pack as there are no anti-theft features. That means you should have another holder for your keys, clothing and phone. 

But you can however, rest assured of enough water to keep your hydrated all the way. 

  1. GenZ RaveRunner Clear Hydration Pack

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Description automatically generatedProduct Features:

  • Clear material (Many venues are requiring this)
  • Anti-theft design
  • Inverted zipper
  • Shoulder strap chest pockets
  • Hidden Pockets throughout
  • Underglow for visibility
  • Loops to thread EL wire
  • Velcro patch to attach a solar panel charger

Product Description:

With many festivals and concert halls requiring clear bags, GenZ released a clear camelback backpack. This gave attendees the ability to enter the venue, while still carrying an anti-theft hydration pack to protect their goods. With many people question if it is safe for people to be able to see into your backpack, we can guarantee that the clear RaveRunner still offers protection from thieves.

This design is almost identical to the original RaveRunner Hydration pack, but it just doesn’t have the ability to zip on custom skins. The material, being clear PVC, is obviously not ripstop as well. So slashing the bag may be more of a concern.

  1. Vibedration 2 Liter Rave Backpack
A blue and yellow backpack

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Product Feature:

  • Awesome color options
  • Reflective
  • Waterproof
  • Mesh handle
  • Compact backpack
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Upper zipper
  • Holographic silver
  • BPA-free Anti-microbial polyethylene Vinyl acetate

Product Description:

It is okay to say the Vibedration is one of the best minimalist rave hydration pack. You can also say it offers a same-for-same value like other regular rave hydro pack.

The Vibedration rave pack will for one hold up to 2 liters water. That at least keeps you hydrated for long. You will find the external straw for sipping water on the go quite helpful.

With the awesome color selections you have something exciting to look forward to. The mesh handle makes it look impressive. However, the Vibedration has a small pocket and zipper. The only drawback is that the Vibedration offers same for same. There are more impressionistic and innovative rave hydration pack out there for the same price.

  1. Reinos 2 Liter hydration Pack
Reinos Hydration Pack 2L luz de la vejiga agua Mochila Holográfico Púrpura  Rosado | eBay

Product Features”

  • 2 liter water capacity
  • Small internal pocket
  • Small and compact
  • zipper

Product Description

Reinos’ simply cute rave hydration pack can at least deliver 2 liters of refreshing water. It looks thick enough to hold up your cloths and other items. But don’t expect so much of this bag because it has small storage.

It comes in plain holographic colors. However, the Reinos is not a high-quality bag and can’t go the long haul with you.

  1. Cameblbak Mule Rave Hydration Pack
Camelbak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack - Racing Red-Black - 2020 - Cambria Bike

Product Features:

  • Large pack
  • 3 liter capacity
  • Multiple compartment
  • Plain color
  • Top and bottom storage zipper
  • Lower drink tubes
  • Easy removal shoulder strap
  • Easy-to-remove waist belt

Product Description:

The Camelbak Mule is an incredible hydration pack rave for keeping the whole gang hydrated. With a water capacity of 3 liters you can throw a small water party. 

However, please note that the Camelbak mule will not be allowed into most festival events due to its large size. But it will make an impressive travel companion. You can stuck up two full sweatshirts, a pack of food, water and other small items.

Camelbak can also boast of an impressive ergonomic design. It has a ribbed pack panel for proper airflow. That helps keep you cool at the base. The multiple pockets, inner zipper is excellent for storing up items. With the extension to the shoulder strap it helps keep the backpack even more secure.

The only drawback is that the Camelbak has no anti-theft feature. You get to store all items inside the pack and in front.

  1. Unigear Festival Hydration Backpack Unigear Mochila de hidratación con vejiga de agua de 70 onzas  de 2 l para correr, senderismo, ciclismo, escalada, camping, ciclismo  (negro) : Deportes y Actividades al Aire Libre

Product Features

  • 2 liter water capacity
  • Splash-proof gear
  • Key and phone holder
  • Reflector
  • UV protection
  • Adjustable straps – shoulder, chest and waist
  • BPA free bladder

Product Description

Unigear festival hydration pack is coming be far behind not because it doesn’t deserve a better spot. When you need an innovative backpack it is the Unigear. It is arguably the best low-budget hydration backpack. 

It’s an exciting option for hiking, running, climbing, cycling, biking and camping.

With a 2 liter capacity, you can go the long haul without dehydration. The back fabric provides comfort to reduce the pressure on your back. It has a splash proof feature to keep water away. The front zipper keeps your phone safe and within reach. That’s something to celebrate. 

  1. Orange Mud Hydration Pack
Orange Mud Endurance Pack 2017 Review – Coffee, Run, Repeat

Product Features:

  • Rope clip loops
  • Large or small options
  • Shock absorbtion function

Orange mud hydration is an excellent choice for the hot season. It is small enough to stay on the upper part of your back. Do you go on endurance treks often? Well, the Orange Mud hydration may just be your plug-in! 

It stays locked up but pushes the heat away to keep you cool always. No worries, Orange mud hydration comes with a shock absorbing clip. That makes it perfect for all body sizes. Keep the pocket in in the loop with the rope clip. But you can select between the variety of Orange mug hydration backpacks, big or small.

  1.  Mubasel Gear 2L Hydration Pack : Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack Pack with 2L BPA Free Bladder  - Lightweight Pack Keeps Liquid Cool Up to 4 Hours- Outdoor Sports Gear for  Running Hiking Cycling Skiing : Sports & Outdoors

Product features:

  • 2 liter capacity
  • Compact backpack
  • BPA free bladder
  • Keeps water cool for up to four hours

Product Description:

One interesting thing about the Mubasel Gear 2 L is that it is a durable product. Now, that’s one of my first ever hydration backpack. It is compact and can’t take much load. That makes it one of the best low budget hydration packs.

The connecting straw makes sipping water on the go easier. In what you get is a simply cute backpack. In all, Mubasel is a great outdoor sports gear for cycling, hiking, skiin, and running.

What makes the best rave hydration pack is its ability to go the long haul. The central value is in the durability of the backpack and the capacity. Each hydration backpack above has some intrinsic value to offer you on the trail. 

However, our two best pick would be the GenZ’s RaveRunner Anti-Theft Festival Hydration backpack. RaveRunner offers all the protection and comfort you need on the go. The second best is the GenZ’s RaveRunner X/Rig Ultra Chest Hydration pack. When it comes to the X/Rig Ultra Chest you get a spacious and user-friendly hydration pack. It is more than a carriage backpack but a lifestyle option.