Pioneer DJ just revealed their new series of controllers. The new DDJ-REV series is designed to perfect the art of cutting and scratching music. The company released the entry-level DDJ-REV1 and the pro-level DDJ-REV7 controller, both compatible with Serato DJ software. Obviously, the former is much more affordable than the latter. The DDJ-REV1 will cost $340. As for the DDJ-REV7, it is listed at $1899. Let’s take a look at each one of them.


Newcomers to the world of cutting and scratching music will definitely learn a lot on this controller. Here is the description of the product on Pioneer DJ’s website.

“The DDJ-REV1 matches perfectly with the free Serato DJ Lite software, boasting a brand-new battle-style layout that’s easy to use and perfect for playing like a pro. The design of this 2-channel DJ controller emulates a professional DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable setup, including specialized features for open-format and scratch DJs.”

It is worth noting that the DDJ-REV1 also includes a mic input that blends into the master. Surely, this tool will become handy during live streams. Along with the mic, the only other input is the USB port, and you only get a single RCA master output. Pioneer did a really great job to keep it simple, but effective.


The DDJ-REV7 is really more fitted for the intermediate and advanced DJ. In fact, here is what Pioneer DJ had to say on the pro-level product.

“The DDJ-REV7 is built to help you get the most from the Serato DJ Pro performance software and boasts a brand-new design that includes large, motorized jog wheels with On Jog Display to create a tactile connection between you and your music. The layout of this 2-channel unit emulates a professional DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable setup, and includes specialized features for open-format and scratch DJs.”

Other highlights for the DDJ-REV7 are onboard scratch samples, a Maglev Fader Pro, and 22 built-in Beat FX. Again, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 costs way more than the DDJ-REV1, but it will give you more tools.

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