Cercle Invites Vintage Culture at Museu do Amanhã

Cercle just announced its first 2022 event, and this time it’s going to be Vintage Culture bringing it home to Brazil.

With this south-American stop, Cercle makes it clear that 2022 will be another year to remember for the french brand. Vintage culture who will be playing in his home country will also mark his name among the big ones. Thus, making an even stronger affirmation regarding him being one of the biggest revelations of the past year.

The event will be taking place on the water mirror of the Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro. An icon of the modernization of Rio de Janeiro’s harbor, this neo-futuristic structure is born in the Praça Mauá as a science museum meant to explore, imagine, and conceive all the possibilities for constructing the future.

To make it even better, an audience will be allowed to attend the event, which will obviously mean a crazy vibe from the crowd in front of their Brazilian DJ.

This Cercle event in Brazil comes less than 2 months after their Colombian debut. Cercle had teamed up with the legendary trio Above & Beyond for a show at the beautiful Piedra del Peñol. With all these events going everywhere, Cercle affirms once again its will to step into as many beautiful spots as possible.

More details about Vintage Culture’s Cercle performance are here. For tickets, you can learn more and pre-register via this link. If you can’t be one of the lucky ones, you can still watch the live broadcast here on Monday, January 24.

So, what would be the Cercle show of your dreams, coupled with your dream location and favorite DJ?