The internet has made music grow substantially. It’s amazing how easy it is to find new artists and attend a variety of events. You can meet more people which can open many more doors. Some say that it has hurt the scene in a way (or ways). But when you can’t make physically and the FOMO hits, the internet has helped alleviate all of that. ILLENIUM realizes just that.

Nick Miller and his team have released a one hour and forty five minute set on Youtube from his latest tour, Fallen Embers. This video comes just shortly after many made their way to Mexico for his curated 3-day Fallen Embers festival. Based on feedback from attendees, the festival was extremely successful despite all the things happening in the world.

This recorded live stream comes from Nick’s performance at Minneapolis‘ highly respected venue, The Armory. Those who have attended love the venue and those who haven’t must make a trip. The acoustics in the space are some of the best and it’s an absolute must for all big names and up-and-comers to perform at.

Make sure to follow Nick on social media! His extremely talented media team have been cranking out an insane amount of BTS footage of the Illenium project.