Cancun Music Week Set for Debut in April

The organizers behind Cancun Music Week announced the dates for the debut of the event. The innovative and underground electronic music conference in Cancun (Mexico) will start on April 13 and end on April 17 of this year. The event is a hybrid of online offerings (accessible to global audiences) and in-person events. Obviously, those attending the latter will have the chance of doing it under the superb spring weather in Cancun. Let’s take a look at the programs.

As you know, Cancun Music Week is a hybrid event, both in-person and online. Programs include parties, networking events, masterclasses, and workshops. The operational strategy supports eco-friendly initiatives, offering a wide range of wellness platforms for visitors and incorporating cryptocurrencies into its processes. The unique conference has a firm focus on underground electronic music. Moreover, it is a cultivation of leading creatives and thinkers in the space, coming together to explore key values and issues within the industry.

Breathless Resort and Spa Riviera Maya will be the location of Cancun Music Week. The resort is fully Covid-19 secure with all hotels and venues operating in line with current restrictions. However, we know how fast things could change, so keep an eye out.

The 2022 version of Cancun Music Week is not exactly the first one. In fact, it was initially established in 2018 as an educational and motivational platform, dedicated to increasing awareness of electronic music. Alongside this focus, it will now also be a celebration of the genre.

Early bird tickets for Cancun Music Week are available now.

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