Porter Robinson Engaged to Longtime Love, Rika

Finally! It’s great when we hear artists succeed in the music world but also when they are able to add to that even more in their personal lives. Over the weekend, specifically on New Years Eve, Porter Robinson proposed and became engaged to the love of his life, Rika. The two of them announced the news on Sunday, January 2nd, in a collaborative social media post. And the pictures and videos are absolutely adorable.

Their love is no surprise. They’ve been dating for years and Rika has been by Porter’s side through it all. She is there for any show her schedule allows her to attend and has supported Porter through everything. At Second Sky, fans take just as many photos with her as anyone else!

Their relationship really became known about after he released Nurture in 2021. He gave an immense amount of credit to Rika for encouraging him to not give up and to finish the album. Additionally, he wrote two songs for her – “Blossom” and “Sweet Time” and had the crowds at Second Sky and all tour stop scream out “THANK YOU, RIKA!”. He even said in a previous interview that he would have done it sooner but wanted it to be special and the intensity of the pandemic pushed it back a bit. But regardless, they’re soulmates for sure. Love is sometimes all you need.

And you know Madeon was right there with wishing them the best!